Take Action On Radon

Radon is a natural gas that is normally colorless and highly undetectable. It is formed when radium decays thus emitting the gas. The gas contains radioactive elements which make it dangerous for humans. The gas can survive in the soil for a long time which makes it hard to eliminate. Here is a video on how radon can affect your body:  https://youtu.be/8NFfM5zZBnA

How to Measure Radon in Your Home
Where to Find Radon Test Kits
There are however test kits that you can buy from the store so that you can do radon testing levels in your building or homes. The level of radon gas is not the same depending on your location but can accumulate in buildings due to its density and the basements of houses; the gas can also be found in water sop people must always be vigilant. You can purchase the test kits online or even find them at your local store. The radon testing kit is very easy to use once you put on the battery and turn it on.

You can test for the gas yourself which means that you save money though you should seek professional help when you find high concentrations of the gas. You should follow the directions written on the test kits so that you can get the best results. It is often advisable to leave the kit for a few days in order to get accurate results. If your house is big, you should test each room separately, and the gas levels might be different in each room.

It is recommended that you put the test kit in the highest part of the room, you can send the results to the lab, and they will come to your house if the level is high. Long-term radon test kits are known to be more accurate since you will have to leave it in your home for about three months. You should contact your state radon office so that they find quick solutions.

If the radon level is high in your residence, it means that the area might have dangerous levels of radon and other homeowners must follow suit. You should find out much each test costs to find out if it within your budget. Some online companies can ship the kits to your home but it is usually for a price plus you pay for the lab analysis.

The gas can cause respiratory problems and a higher risk of cancer. There is no reason to worry if the levels are below 100 Bq/m3. You should conduct the test every once in a while just to make sure you are safe.